Good words from our beloved customers

Client Feedback

Good words from our beloved customers

Delivering beyond the highest of expectations

The need of the hour, in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, is to steadily deliver innovative building solutions and services that are in step with raising expectations. Our clients are absolutely satisfied with our services, however, you don't have to take our word for it, just reflect over our testimonials below, and you will understand what makes SHUSHMITHA and its products an obvious choice.

SHUSHMITHA is different from many others in realty market. They are professionally managed group of diligent people. We are happy with our decision to go with SHUSHMITHA because they believe in under-committing and over-delivering. There were many small things that could have left us dissatisfied, if SHUSHMITHA staff were not flexible and understanding enough to cooperate and help us convert the house they had made into a home we wanted to live-in. We did not find them cut-and-dry and would be happy to recommend them as the Tier-one player in realty market in Chennai...

  • We are delighted to be proud owner of an Apartment with SHUSHMITHA. We came to consider the builder through a reference. We liked the plan of SHUSHMITHA and settled for a flat. The entire process of purchase, construction and project progress was transparently communicated to us. The post completion fittings and interiors were done on schedule " as a one stop shop". We are now settled in our new home and still benefit from regular maintenance services through ever helpful staff. We thank SHUSHMITHA Management & Staff for their support and strongly recommend anyone to join the SHUSHMITHA family.

    Name: Mr. Basker
    Company Name: Scope International
    Designation: Associate Vice President

  • I want to take this opportunity to thank you and SHUSHMITHA for the amazing assistance and help in conducting the property transfer. It was a very pleasant and stress free experience. The transparency in the procedure is remarkable and a single point contact for queries and clarification further adds to the comfort. Keep up the customer delight.

    Name: Mr. Palaniappan
    Company Name: Hindustan Lever Limited
    Designation: Sales Manager

  • First I would like to convey that SHUSHMITHA has excellent co-ordination and well deserved commendable co-ordination today and even in the past throughout the cycle of this purchase of property by me at Adyar.

    I am confident that this is just one more step in your quest for excellence in your business with these kind of transactions. I am impressed with your focus, commitment and business styles. This feat in such a short time was made possible by the leadership and the involvement and untiring effort of the whole team. I am sure that SHUSHMITHA would scale up greater heights by working for the current and future projects.

    I sincerely thank you all for the wonderful hospitality, warmth and co-operation extended by all of you that gave a great pleasure to me and my family. I am happy to claim that I have been part of your journey.

    I earnestly look forward to continuing this successful partnership and working along with you in the future.

    Once again, I thank your company and wish all the very best.

    Name: Mr. Chandrasekar Iyer
    Company Name: ABN Group
    Designation: Managing Director

  • SHUSHMITHA, a technocrat promoted company is driven by sound civil engineering & civil commitments. The Civil, Elevation, Building materials, etc., are of high standards & quality. I wish SHUSHMITHA and its team good luck in all its endeavours

    Name: Mr. Jayachandran
    Company Name: Nalli Family (Textile Giants)
    Designation: Family Member

  • It was a pleasurable experience to see our apartments being constructed by SHUSHMITHA.

    At every step of the construction we were consulted and the builders were very flexible in every aspect and open to changes and alterations. The engineers were always available and were cordial. The building is built with a spacious feel, designed to be airy, well ventilated and with a pleasurable ambience.

    I wish SHUSHMITHA all success in their future projects.

    Name: Mr. Ashok
    Company Name: Sutherland Technologies
    Designation: Vice President

  • I must consider myself to be fortunate to have entered into the promotional agreement with SHUSHMITHA, Chennai.

    My first impression was that SHUSHMITHA consists of group of dedicated people whose primary objective is to satisfy the customer, and the customer has several demands, some immediate and some even after the job is over.

    The straightforwardness, dedication and adjustability that are unique with SHUSHMITHA are very prominent and impressive. I especially appreciate and laud their after-sale services and they are always ready to help us in getting out of any problems that we might face. They are a very good guide in several other aspects revolving around home-purchase excercise!

    My wife says that the only correct thing that I have done so far in my life...! I would highly recommend them to anyone to buy their projects.

    Name: Mr. Joseph Raj
    Company Name: Invensys
    Designation: Director