Why Shushmitha ?

Chennai's Innovative Stylish Quality Builder


Why Shushmitha Southern Housing ?

  • Because SHUSHMITHA Assures quality :-

    Over 3 Lac Sq.Ft. of construction and 200 families are testimonials to our exacting quality standards. We will deliver the highest quality apartments utilizing the best of materials and following modern construction methods.

  • Because SHUSHMITHA Combines Functionality & Elegance :-

    We believe that not only should a building be attractive to look at, it should also be functional and comfortable for its residents. Our buildings plan are designed by eminent architects keeping these points in mind.

  • Because SHUSHMITHA Promises Strict Adherence To CMDA Guidelines :-

    Violating building rules and making an attractive offer is what many builders do. But we believe in constructing strictly as per CMDA guidelines to ensure peaceful stay for the owners. The last thing you would want is to wake up one morning and be served with a demolition notice.

  • Because SHUSHMITHA Promises Timely Delivery :-

    We will deliver your apartments to you in the commited time frame without any delay. The delivery date will be adhered to irrespective of whether our share of flats have been sold or not.

  • Because SHUSHMITHA Promises Clear Documentation :-

    We will take care of all the paperwork involved in approvals, transfer of title, obtaining power & water connections etc. to ensure that the title is clear in all respects.

  • Because SHUSHMITHA Ensures Higher Sale & Rental Values :-

    A SHUSHMITHA building, thanks to its design and quality of workmanship, will command a premium over other buildings in the same area. Maximize your returns by developing your property with SHUSHMITHA.